Admin Coordinator

Admin Coordinator

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The Admin Coordinator is responsible for providing secretarial, clerical and administrative support to the HRCAD director and subordinate managers of HRCAD in order to ensure that services are provided in an effective and efficient manner.

Job Reference: PDC/HRCA/2017/002 Closing Date: 2017-08-20

Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Performs a variety of administrative or executive support tasks that are highly confidential and sensitive.
  • Coordinates office management activities for HRCAD.
  • Researches, compiles, assimilates and prepares confidential and sensitive documents.
  • Briefs the HRCAD director regarding content.
  • Reads and screens incoming correspondences and reports; makes preliminary assessment of the importance of materials and organizes documents;
  • Handles some matters personally and forward appropriate materials to the concerned staff.
  • Receives and screens incoming calls and visitors, determines which are priority matters, and alerts the Director accordingly.
  • Makes referrals to appropriate staff or provides requested information.
  • Composes letters and memoranda in response to inquiries.
  • Acts as liaison between the director, subordinates or others, by transmitting directives, instructions and assignments and following up on the status of assignments.
  • Produces a variety of documents, charts, and graphs in final form.
  • Updates the HRCAD Director on the status of issues before scheduled meetings.
  • Prepares agenda and collects materials for meetings, speeches, and conferences;
  • Takes minutes and keeps records of proceedings.
  • Plans and coordinates arrangements for professional conferences.
  • Reviews, proofreads, and edits documents prepared for the Director and the department before signatures.
  • Takes and transcribes dictation on technical and confidential matters from the director.
  • Coordinates and facilitates the director and department calendar to arrange appointments, meetings, and conferences.
  • Recommends actions to be taken on office expenditures such as equipment and supply needs.
  • Assists with the establishments, revisions and maintenance of office procedures and policies.
  • Compiles and maintains records, statistical information, and reports.
  • Participates in and /or coordinates committees or task forces.
  • Establishes and maintains various filing and records management systems.
  • Makes travel arrangements; prepares itineraries; prepares, compiles and maintains travel vouchers and records.
  • Operates standard office equipment.
  • Translates letters, reports and confidential documents directed to the director.
  • Performs related work tasks as assigned by the HRCAD Director.
Required Skills, Experience & Qualification:

·         Knowledge of scheduling and coordinating travel arrangements.

·         Ability to make decisions where precedents may not be established.

·         Ability to apply the overall mission of a department to make administrative or executive support decisions.

·         Ability to review several diverse reference sources, select and synthesize data for reports and other forms of correspondence.

·         Ability to use diplomacy and discretion, when giving out information and referring and directing callers and visitors.

·         Ability to create presentations, charts, graphs, databases, and spreadsheets.

·         Ability to perform mathematical calculations.

·         Ability to follow, apply, interpret, and explain instructions and/or guidelines.

·         Ability to determine work priorities.

·         Ability to make decisions and take appropriate actions.

·         Ability to meet schedules and deadlines of the work area.

·         Ability to communicate effectively.

·         Ability to compose routine correspondence and reports.

·         Ability to type.

·         Ability to translate effectively.

·         Ability to operate standard office equipment.